Mount Huangshan, China

It is said that it is enough to visit the Huangshan Mountains 

In China in order not to visit any more peaks. Otherwise, they are also called "yellow mountains". It is incredibly beautiful here! At night they are covered in fog and in the morning they are illuminated by bright sunlight. Many tourists come here in droves to see the sunrise.


We can give you small excursion to Chinese holy places, tourist reviews about them. Geographical details Huangshan is a mountainous city with five peaks in Anhui Province (east China).

Formation of these mountains began 100-200 million years ago

The Chinese consider them the oldest mountains in the world. They extend 40 km from south to north and 30 km from east to west. The highest peaks rise to 1800 m. The peculiarity of these mountains is their slope. There is no way to make a path there. The fog that often spreads there makes them especially mysterious. Huangshan Peaks have very interesting names: "Sunrise", "Lotus Flower", "Falling Goose", "Peak of Light", "Peak of the Heavenly Capital".

These are very rocky mountains, celebrated by Chinese artists and poets since the Qin Dynasty. A legend says that whoever walks the path of the Huangshan Mountains in China will gain longevity. For a long time, no one could conquer the ridge. For the first time, a man climbed one of the peaks in 1616. The Huangshan Mountains in China are considered sacred.

The ridge is conventionally divided into "rear" and "front" mountains. In the center is the "heavenly sea". The mountains in front are made up of circular rocks. The posterior apices are more pointed. The Celestial Sea is so named because from the top of the peaks the mist below resembles a body of water. There are hot springs at the foot of the peaks, the water temperature is about + 45 ° С all year round.


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Nature of Huangshan Despite its mountainous character, the peaks are quite thickly covered with forests. The barren rocks are decorated with various plants and trees. The wet places on the rocks are distinguished by the fact that shi er mushrooms grow there. Collecting them there is very difficult, although they are nutritious and healthy.

Previously, very rare monkeys were found here, the tail of which does not reach more than 6 cm. They are called Huangshan short-tailed monkeys. And on the ridge, there are many pine trees of the original shape. One of them is already about 1800 years old. The rocks caused these pines to take root very deeply. Sometimes the root system is longer than the tree itself.

There are trees here making their way through huge rocks. The most famous pines are: Hospitaller, Dragon Claws. UNESCO World Heritage Site In December 1990, the Huangshan Mountain Range became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experts note the exceptional natural beauty of these places. Rare plants and animals also live here. Endemic Pinus taiwanensis pines alone are worth something. This mountain range is truly unique.


Excursions to Huangshan Mountain in China 

Tourists from all over the world visit Chinese mountains throughout the year. You can get here by buses that leave daily from Hangzhou and Shanghai. Those who wish can also climb special mountain trails carved out of the rocks. One of those climbs lasts approximately 4 hours. The walking route offers the most beautiful views, you can admire the sunset and sunrise.


Comments from tourists

  • Many compatriots have already visited the Yellow Mountains of China. Everyone admires the most beautiful views of the mountain range.
  • When there is fog, a mystical atmosphere reigns here, and when the weather is good, a breathtaking sunrise pleases the eye.
  • Tourists note that Huangshan Ridge is today a public company listed on the exchange. The attraction was prepared as much as possible for commercial events.
  • To do this, all the paths were turned into stone steps. It is important to note that the funicular only runs until 4:30 PM. Most of the time, tourists go up the stairs and already go down on foot. To climb to the top on your own, you will have to spend about 3-4 hours. The inconvenience is caused by porters, who often block the road.
  • Because of this, many tourists choose a walk through the canyon instead of visiting the peaks. There are no crowds and the most beautiful views. The beauty here is impressive to many! Many are planning a trip here for a few days.

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